About NAPA

NAPA serves as a partner to professional accountants, helping them provide accounting services efficiently and effectively.

NAPA provides accounting, QuickBooks, payroll, and tax news, tips and alerts; continuing professional education (CPE); tools; and support professional accountants need to provide accounting services more efficiently and effectively.

NAPA is a premier national professional accounting association. NAPA's strategic plan includes the following:

  1. Promote and develop the NAPA brand.
  2. Develop an Executive Board of accounting professionals throughout the United States.
  3. Develop Accounting, QuickBooks, Payroll, Tax, Practice Management, Technology, CPE, and Conference committees.
  4. Develop and appoint state issues representatives.
  5. Develop accounting profession alliance partners.
  6. Negotiate with leading accounting profession solution providers for favorable NAPA member discounts.
  7. Promote and refer individuals and businesses to NAPA members.

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